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Lawyers Need- Apps for Relaxation and Meditation

Why do we have so much stress as lawyers?  There are some easy ways to deal with stress and begin to actually relax during the day.  Check out this video on the apps out there to assist you on your path to more peace during the day.

When you look back over the past five years, phone apps have made an incredible difference in our lives. Today’s video discusses one of my favorite apps for meditation and relaxation.

You can be busy as hell, and still take five or 10 minutes to listen to some binaural beats or some soothing music/nature sounds. Of course 30 minutes or more is best, but do as much as you can.

Why Meditation and the Law?

Everyone has heard about meditation, but why doesnt everyone do it on a regular basis? Meditation has been so beneficial to my life and career, check this video out about the objections and benefits of meditation.