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Episode 1 Love or Leave the Law Podcast

Episode 1, The Inaugural Podcast: In this Inaugural episode, Adam and Casey introduce themselves, talk about the societal and industry factors that drove them to start this podcast and discuss the key points attorneys should consider when determining whether to remain a lawyer, or to leave for good.


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Myth of Multi Tasking!

We juggle so many things as lawyers- is multitasking really the best way to run our practices and lives? Check out this video for the low down..

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Your Law Career- Will You Love It Long Term?

Do You love your life as a lawyer? Check out this video where I discuss loving your career, whether it be as a lawyer or doing something else. A video presented by Adam J. Ouellette, Esquire and Esquire Academy.

Check out an ex-attorney who helps attorneys transition into a new career. Casey Berman, website-