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Stress and it's effects on the body and mind.  Stress is a killer, literally! In this video let me introduce you to the power of the heart and some work I found many years ago called "Heartmath".

Video 2

Get Your Shift Together!  In the second video I share some powerful information about how to reduce your stress by getting your personal life, business, and career in order.

Video 3

This video might blow your mind! Learn how we actually do stress to ourselves.  We all think stress comes from "out there" when it is really self inflicted! Stress stems from decisions we make...

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As every attorney can attest, this profession can lead to an unhealthy level of stress and anxiety. Adam’s presentation gives actual techniques that you can put to use immediately to help cope with the burdens of this profession. By listening to Adam and putting his teachings into practice, it can lead to a more productive and healthier working lifestyle. I would highly recommend Adam’s workshop to anyone who is dealing with the stresses of the legal profession.

Ryan Reif, Esq. President of the Port St Lucie Bar Association 

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