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Why being a lawyer is so stressful...

Why we are so stressed and frazzled as a profession, and why the Bar Associations are struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as lawyers committing suicide.  

The Power of the Heart

The heart has 40,000 neural cells, and it has it's own energy center as well as consciousness.  Let me share a powerful technique that is taught in my Heartmath Live Training.  

Get more done in less time

Get More Done in Less Time by using D.A.S.

Delegate, Automate, Systematize and lots of tips from one of the books that changed my life-

Getting Things Done!

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How We Do Stress to Ourselves and How to Put an End to the Madness!

Did you know you we actually create stress in our lives?  Yep, sad fact, but I have some intro tools to begin to stop the insanity!  

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SOME Other Workshop Topics:

Intro to HeartMath


As a Heartmath Certified Trainer I offer an intro class that teaches easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that help attorneys become more physiologically and emotionally balanced.

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Opening a Law Firm

Starting a firm is just opening a new business with a few twists! I have some free videos on how an attorney can Be Their Own Boss.

Managing and Running a Small Law Firm

Having managed a small law firm and many small businesses for over 20 years, I know how hard things can be.  So many areas I can teach your members on this topic!

Networking and Linkedin

Any lawyer who wants to be a rainmaker in their firm should understand the basics on how to network online and in person. I can present an hour or less on this topic. 

Marketing & Advertising the Firm

Marketing a law firm can be difficult.  Even more so when most lawyers have no clue how to run a business.  I created an entire program on how to attract idea clients and turn them into raving fans.


Quieting the Mind and Stress Relief

Mental health is a huge issue for lawyers.  Depression, suicide, alcohol and drug abiuse are on the rise.  Let me share my path and some concrete ways to reduce stress and use meditation as a way to relax.  

About Adam 


I'm  Adam J. Ouellette, Lawyer for 23 years

I now focus my work on helping attorneys find ways to love the practice of law or find a career they could actually appreciate.  Happy lawyers make better bar association members and are active!  Watch the video above and book a call with me to chat about how I can help you and your bar grow.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

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